Systems IT & Due Diligence

If you are planning to buy a company you need to know how much it is worth. Due diligence is necessary during mergers and acquisitions and, for a company that uses IT, the state and worth of their systems is an extremely important consideration. We offer systems and IT due diligence for companies who aren’t prepared to risk misevaluation of this crucial area. Most due diligence focuses on benchmarking and the financial state of companies. If you are purchasing an IT based company your valuation may not reveal potential gold mines or pitfalls associated with the systems used. A standard due diligence simply does not look at systems and IT in the necessary technical detail.

Your deal could be affected by possible liabilities or cost commitments. We identify these areas and using the technical information we have collected can accurately forecast the cost of the period of transition after the merger and then the costs arising from total integration.