Business Intelligence

Make the right decisions

Business intelligence means the ability to make informed decisions. Knowledge is the key in effective decision making and results in higher performance and profits. If you aren’t using a business intelligence system or you feel that yours isn’t effective, we can help.

Your business has individual needs and aims

Our clients want to achieve specific goals so we work with our clients to develop systems make them happen. All of our clients have seen a return on their investment in just 18 months.

Our systems automatically collect data generated by your business transactions. This information is stored in a data-warehouse and is automatically integrated and analysed.

The Advantage

Here are a few examples of what an inbuilt a Customer Relationship Management system can do:

  • Log all transactions from site views to the number of promotional news letter read by customers
  • Produce sales reports for any day, month or year
  • Measure the popularity of brands against each other
  • Monitor the most successful price range
  • Segment customers for marketing purposes
  • Send out specially designed newsletters to appropriate segments

This information will allow your business to make the most profitable stock and pricing decisions and maximize the effectiveness of your direct marketing.

We can develop a system to implement Business Intelligence for any business. By identifying your key performance indicators we can create a system that lets you make the best decisions for your business.