Customer Relationship Management

Manage your product sales with our customer relationship management system (CRM). Increase client sales by learning more about your current customers.

Get Professional

Our strategic customer relationship management (CRM) gives you that extra element of professionalism. Generate more sales by recording personal information on previous and current customers.

Get Personal

Send out targeted information to particular customers for certain products so your brands awareness is always being circulated. This is a great way of personalising your product to your customer.

Send Information

Keep clients updated with targeted information, create events, and send emails and newsletters that will attract your customer to new products and specials they have shown interest in or purchased before.

Other features of our CRM allow you to;

  • Add unlimited customers, information attributes
  • Add multiple attributes and notes to each customer
  • Add unlimited addresses
  • Create a user account for each customer to allow them special access to your website
  • Add temporary access for each user account through subscriptions
  • Email marketing campaigns: create events and target mail shots to the participants